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Check-Six has joined up with Countdown Creations to offer some very unique collectibles from both the U.S. and Russian space programs.  Below are just a few of the selections we are offering...


Space Shuttle Thermal Tile

We are pleased to be an authorized retail dealer of Space Shuttle thermal tile material. This actual piece of thermal tile material was made in the late 1970's for the Space Shuttle Columbia, the first shuttle to fly in space. Thermal tiles are made of a "foam glass" material. Each Space Shuttle contains more than 34,000 separate tiles, each specifically cut for its own location, to protect the Shuttle when reentering the atmosphere. Packaging includes a clear plastic box with an authentic piece of Space Shuttle tile material resting on a sky blue foam insert. This is an excellent educational item for kids and a must for collectors. Supplies are limited, so order now!

Russian Cosmonaut Warm Suit

The Russian Soyuz space craft carries a "warm suit" for each cosmonaut as part of the survival gear, in case the space craft lands off course in a cold climate. This suit has the name tag and the patches for the Bulgarian cosmonaut Alexander Alexandrov. The suit is in excellent condition, and it may have flown in space, but we do not have the documentation to support this. So, this item is being sold as "unflown" hardware. This will make a unique addition to any space collection!

Buran Thermal Tile

The Soviet space shuttle dates back to the '60s when chief designer Sergei Korolov considered the idea of a reusable space-plane. Initial designs were created by Artem Mikoyan (father of the MiG fighter aircraft). Buran ("snowstorm") is the same size and remarkably similar to its U.S. counterpart. Like the U.S. Space Shuttle, it is covered with a protective layer of special tiles for protection against the extreme heat generated during re-entry. We have a few authentic tiles - each serial numbered and constructed from a special lightweight "foam glass" material with multiple layers of a proprietary heat-resistant composite coating. Tiles vary in size (approximately 6"x5") and shape (each is cut to exact specifications to fit together like puzzle pieces). They were issued to the Russian Space Agency, but amazingly, never used! Tiles are in near-perfect condition, notwithstanding a hairline crack or tiny chip or two during storage/transit. Quantities are limited, so order now while supplies last.

Buran Lapel Pin

This 3/4" enameled lapel pin commemorates the1988 unmanned test flight of the Buran Soviet Space Shuttle. The pin includes a depiction the Shuttle landing, the Soviet flag, the year of the test flight 1988, and "Buran" and "USSR" written in Russian Cyrillic letters.

Rocket and Space Corporation Energia

For the first time ever available in the West, this is a complete pictorial history of the Russian Space Program from 1946 to the present day, all in full color. The book was written and published in conjunction with Rocket and Space Corporation Energia, Russia's leading aerospace company. The book commemorates the 40th anniversary of the flight of Russian cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin, who became the first human in space on April 12, 1961.

Moondust from the "Magnificent Desolation" of the Sea of Tranquility

Due to a special partnership with collectSPACE and world-renown space collectibles dealer Florian Noller, Countdown Creations is proud to present exclusive samples of moondust from the historic Apollo 11 landing site - The Sea of Tranquility. The moondust was recovered from the actual camera magazine that Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin used to photograph the historic first moonwalk - most of the famous Apollo 11 lunar surface photos were on this color film roll including the image we have chosen as the background on our presentation certificate. The moondust is contained on a 3mm swatch of tape. The swatch is boldly mounted so that you can actually touch the moondust with your hands! The swatch is mounted in "reverse" so that the dust is facing upwards (please don't worry about it coming off... it is securely bonded to the original tape for 30 years). This is covered with a convenient yet almost impossible to see flap of transparent archive Mylar, which can be lifted to expose the dust, then when released it falls back flatly to cover the swatch and keep it clean and protected. These rare presentations represent tremendous value and excellent investment potential. Don't miss out! These will sell fast. Own a piece of history from the most historic space journey and maybe the most important human achievement, and don't forget that you can actually touch the dust!!

Relics of the Space Race

Now in its 3rd edition, Relics of the Space Race packs in 350 pages of the most important information for collectors. In addition to sections on autographs, philatelic, documents, books, official patches, badges, and passes, this reference book includes a concise history of the entire manned space program from 1960 through the year 2000. Its appendices give extensive summaries of the astronauts and missions, right down to the Capcoms and recovery ships. The complete Autopen guide makes Relics a must-have volume by itself. Al Wittnebert, treasurer of the UACC, says "It is one of the best collectibles books I have ever read." Get the reference that other collectors consider the "Bible" of the hobby.

Buzz Aldrin Lifesize Stand-Up

Buzz Aldrin Lifesize Stand-Up

Go on a moonwalk with Buzz Aldrin... in your own living room, with this lifesize standup! Measuring 6 feet tall, this famous Apollo 11 moonwalk photo is mounted to heavy duty cardboard. The standup comes to you folded and is easily assembled. This is the perfect corner piece for any space memorabilia display, science classroom, or child's bedroom. Produced by the same company responsible for such favorite stand-ups as Lara Croft (Tomb Raider) and Darth Vader, and with full permission of Aldrin, this standing display brings to life one of the most famous moments during the entire Apollo program.

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