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The Trailer Park
Crash of the B-29 on Travis AFB, CA
August 5, 1950

The B-29 crashed very near a trailer park close to the main gate of the base. After the explosion, much of the park was engulfed in fire.

Throughout the night, the burning trailer lit up the sky.
When the bomb exploded, shrapnel was sent in all directions. In fact two dependents lost limbs because of the the blast. At right is a photo (indicted by the arrow)  of a piece of shrapnel embedded in a trailer that narrowly missed a child.

Sixteen trailers and their contents were completely destroyed and many others were damaged.

This was typical for the many claims that came in after the crash. Many lost all they owned.

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Up Crew of the B-29 Mark IV Bomb PHA -Report Trailer Park

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