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Flight No.: 3-65-97 Pilot: Maj. Mike Adams (7-3)

Date: 11-15-67 Flight Time: 00:04:51.35

Launch Lake: Delamar Landing Lake: N/A

Launch Time: 10:30:07.4 Landing Time: N/A (10:34:58.75)

Aborts: 3-A-96 10-31-67 Engine would not go into igniter idle (Engine #110)

B-52: 008 Col. Cotton

Sq. Ldr. Miller

Chase: T-38 Maj. Fred Cuthill

F-104 Hugh Jackson

F-104 Bill Dana

F-104 Maj. Twinting

Mmax: 5.20

Vmax: 5305

Hmax: 266,000

Qmax: 1332

Engine No.: 111

Burn Time: 82.3 sec. (S.D.)

Thrust - %: 100%

Config.: Tip Pods, Saturn II Ablatives

Purpose: Boost Guidance, #29, #3c, #13, #32

Results: Inertial malfunction, damper malfunction, lack of proper response to heading error caused uncontrollable gyrations, aircraft broke up and crashed near Red Mountain

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