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The 50 State Tour!

A few years ago, I purchased an American flag, one that had been flown over the the US Capitol, from my local congressman.  Once I received it, a brilliant idea occurred to me.  Although I'm now fairly sure it has been done, it would be really nifty to have a flag that had been flown at the state capitols of all 50 states.  

And while it was traveling to all 50 states, I decided it would also be interesting if the flag traveled and were flown are other historical sites, as well as historic vehicles (i.e. Air Force One, the USS Hornet, etc.).  Meeting the people associated with these places, and experiencing some of the antics with getting the flag flown haven provided a form of enjoyment on to itself.  This flag itself has been a silent witness to several historic events (in round-about ways).  

At this time, it has flown over the US Capitol building, 7 state capitols, and a number of historic sites and military bases.  But this number will only grow in the years to come!

So far, this flag has flown over the following state capitols:
AlabamaAlaskaCaliforniaKentuckyNew York
 Pennsylvania South Dakota 

The real goal, however, is to have it flown in outer space aboard the space shuttle!

Think big, be big!


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