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YB-49 Specimen
F-86H Specimen
XB-70A Specimen
X-15A Specimen
SR-71 Specimen
B-1A Specimen
Custom Displays

The Specimen Collection

Attractive and stunning displays that will become the centerpiece of your collection.  Ready for immediate hanging, pictures and word alone do not fully do them justice.  Order one today!

XB-70A "Valkyrie" Honeycomb 

Recovered from crash site - Framed Display

X-15A-3 Crash Site Specimen

The First Re-usable spacecraft - Framed Display

YB-49 Crash Site Specimen

The visionary Flying Wing - Framed Display

B-1A "Lancer" Crash Site Specimens

Assorted pieces - Titanium and Aluminum


SR-71 "Blackbird" #953 Crash Site Specimen 

The Famed Spyplane  - Framed Display


F-86H "Sabre" Crash Site Specimen

Piloted by Capt. Joseph McConnell, top American ace of the Korean war


The "Museum Pack" Crash Site Specimen Collection Set

By popular demand, a set of six different crash site specimen displays.


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