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About "Bush Pilot's Private Reserve"


Bush Pilot, or BPPR as it was known to its fans, was a 13-year-old single cask whisky, produced in Canada in  1982 by Robert Denton & Company, Ltd, of Auburn Hills, Michigan and marketed by Milton Samuels Advertising, New York, in 1994.  BPPR was one of the first out-of-the-barrel whiskeys bottled at barrel strength. Because of a law suit filed by Anheuser-Busch for trademark infringement, Denton quit the brand that same year, sold off his stocks, and moved on to new ventures, leaving few bottles left.



From the bottle's back label...

"My father, a Detroit industrialist, automotive pioneer and adventurer, Fred Johnson, was born in 1896 in Denmark. At the age of 16, wanting to following in the footsteps of of the great American inventors and industrialists, Dad left Denmark for the United States. His first job was as an apprentice in a machine shop. Years later he founded great automotive companies such as Progressive Welder and Creative Industries. He had a drive that led him to always seek adventure and challenge of the unknown. The concept of a bush airline intrigued his adventuresome side. Shortly after WW II, Dad created the Great Northern Skyways, one of the first bush airlines, to fly sportsmen to the uncharted wilderness of Canada to hunt and fish.

Even to this day, bush pilots are supremely independent. They are the challengers and the seekers of the uncharted frontiers. Bush pilots are a breed of their own. They are pilots who routinely defy all logic in small planes pushed beyond their limit. The bush pilot's life is ruled by a zest for living and a keen sense of direction, relying on no one but himself.

Bush Pilot's whiskey is a salute to all of the Fred Johnsons and all of the pilots who have challenged the unknown.




We are actively looking for "Bush Pilots Reserve" whiskey, which was produced in Canada until the mid-90s.

If you have some and are willing to sell, or know where it can be found...  Contact us! 

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