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A Toast to the 'America'




   A trimotor Fokker C-2 monoplane, the 'America' was flown in the summer of 1927 by Richard E. Byrd, Bernt Balchen, George Noville, and Bert Acosta on their transatlantic flight. It was the third aircraft to successfully travel nonstop across the Atlantic, after Lindbergh's historic "Spirit of St. Louis" hop and Clarence Chamberlin's "Columbia" flight from New York to Berlin, all aspiring to win the Orteig Prize. It was also the first aircraft to carry official airmail across the Atlantic.

  The 'America' was destroyed after it was ditched near the French village of Ver-sur-Mer. After it was towed ashore, it was torn apart by souvenir hunters.








VermeerA chocolate Dutch liquor, it symbolizes both the origin of the aircraft (Fokker), as well as the name of the beach where the 'America' ditched.2 oz.
Linie AquavitA Norwegian liquor, it represents both the contribution of Bernt Balchen, a native of Norway, and also the epic nature of the flight ('Linie Aquavit' is named so for being sent round the world before bottling)1/2 oz.
Sauza TequilaEpitomizes the role of Bert Acosta on the flight, and honor his Spanish roots..1/2 oz.
Captain Morgan Original Spiced RumEvokes thoughts of the Navy, in which Robert Byrd, George Noville, and Floyd Bennett, all whom served with distinction.Splash

Serve over crushed ice, a reminder of the icy Atlantic ocean which they bridged...  Enjoy responsibly.  Remember, don't drink and fly.

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