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A Toast to the B-1A

(commonly referred to in the bars as a "Bone")

Such a revolutionary and historical aircraft calls for an equally revolutionary and historical drink!  We have designed a truly memorable drink, consisting of a mix of both old favorites, and new selections.  We think this blend of beverage is also ahead of it time.   

Note: This recipe is a variation of the well-known "B-52" shooter.   





Basic ingredient of a standard 'B-52' shooter.

1 oz.

Bailey's Irish CreamBasic ingredient of a standard 'B-52' shooter.1 oz.

Grand Marnier

Basic ingredient of a standard 'B-52' shooter.

1 oz.

Ketel One Vodka 

"There Can Be Only One..." reason for this.  The added vodka, like a supersonic bomber, gets you there faster!

1 oz.

Layer this shot...  Enjoy responsibly.  Remember, don't drink and fly.

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