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A Toast to 'US Airways Flight 1549'

also known as "The Sully"


USCG Vessel Traffic Camera footage of Hudson River ditching AS IT HAPPENS.  Hosted by YouTube

US Airways Flight 1549 was a commercial passenger flight from New York City's LaGuardia Airport bound for Charlotte, North Carolina that ditched in the Hudson River adjacent to Manhattan on January 15, 2009. Through the skill of the controllers, flight crew, and rescuers, all 155 on board survived.

While in the flight's initial climb out about two minutes after taking off at 3:25 p.m. EST, the Airbus 320, registered as N106US and carrying the callsign of "Cactus 1549", struck a flock of Canada Geese at about 3,000 feet resulting in an immediate loss of thrust from both engines. When the pilots concluded that their airliner would be unable to safely reach any airfield from their altitude and location near the George Washington Bridge, they turned south and headed down the river looking for a place to ditch. After gliding for about eight miles in essentially unpowered flight, the aircrew set the airliner down intact in mid-river at 3:31 pm near the USS Intrepid Museum at Pier 86 in midtown Manhattan. All 150 passengers and five crew safely evacuated the cabin and were rescued from the partially submerged plane by the crews of nearby commercial and rescue watercraft.





Grey Goose vodkaSymbolizes the two engines knocked out by bird strike"2 shots"
Cold waterSymbolizes the ditching into water of the plane. 

It has been suggested that Hudson River water is required to make it truly authentic - but that would also make it undrinkable.


Build, and serve in a martini glass.


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