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A Toast to the YB-49

(commonly known at the pubs as a "Flying Wing")

The brainchild of famed designer Jack Northrop, the YB-49 was truly an aircraft ahead of its time.  Originally a propeller-driven version, known then as the XB-35, this jet-powered variant shattered records, proved that a "flying wing" flight concept would in fact work.  However, on June 5th, 1948, the 2nd of two YB-49 prototypes crashed in the desert north of then-Muroc AFB.  In 1949, the base was renamed in honor of the co-pilot of that ill-fated aircraft, Captain Glenn Edwards.  Afterwards, the test program became plagued with numerous problems, and had it's funding cut.  Nearly all the remaining examples of Jack Northrop's original "Flying Wings" were cut up, and sold for scrap.  Only one remains (and it still can fly) at the Planes of Fames museum in Chino, CA.  

However, the Air Force revamped the idea of a "Flying Wing" with its newest bomber, the B-2 Spirit.  Naturally, the Northrop company was chosen to built the stealth bomber for the government.

Such a revolutionary and historical aircraft calls for an equally revolutionary and historical drink!  We have designed a truly memorable drink, consisting of a mix of both old favorites, and new selections.  We think this blend of beverage is also ahead of it time.   




Jack Daniel'sThe designer of the YB-49 was Jack Northrop1 oz.

Bacardi Silver

The exterior of the YB-49 was primarily silver in color

1 oz.

Seagram's 7

The product of these two ingredients multiplied together equal 49, as in YB-49

1 oz.


3 oz.

Mix with ice, strain, and serve...  Enjoy responsibly.  Remember, don't drink and fly.

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