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Miami DC-3


An "Airborne Transport" flight, piloted by Bob Linquist, copilot Ernest Hill, and Stewardess Mary Burkes with 29 passengers. 


Total Persons on Board: 

32 passengers and crew


December 28, 1948


Described in the accident investigation as perfect.  

Flight Route:

San Juan, Puerto Rico, to Miami, Florida

Area Believed Crashed:

Off Florida Coast in shallow water, in Everglades or ditched in Gulf of Mexico

Reason for flight:

Passenger transport

Type Plane:

 Douglas DC-3, registered as NC16002

Search efforts:

U.S. Coast Guard searched for three days.


The aircraft was in sight of Miami Airport when it disappeared. According to The Civil Aeronautic Board Report, Linquist last reported the DC-3 50 miles south of Miami. The strange radio quirks that had plagued the place during the entire flight replayed themselves again. Linquist was not heard by Miami, but was overheard by New Orleans 600 miles away, who in turn informed Miami.

At the time, the term 'Bermuda Triangle' had not been coined yet.

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