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On October 10th, 1965, the world changed (as it does everyday)...  The lovable beagle, Snoopy, of cartoon strip Peanuts fame, took to the skies in pursuit of the Red Baron in the war-torn skies of Europe and the first World War.  His ventures in the skies have even been thoroughly documented (in song) by British music group "The Royal Guardsmen" in their song "Snoopy Vs. The Red Baron"  'Snoopy' has been so widely recognized in the world that he has even been honored with his own 34-cent United States postage stamp.

However, Snoopy's aerial adventures pre-date the events thus chronicled in the 1960s.  The first B-58 "Hustler" bomber to be delivered to the U. S. Air Force for flight testing was nicknamed "Snoopy" (due to his elongated nose used for experimental radar testing) and has the caricature of the distinguished canine emblazed along the side of it's cockpit.  After a long and triumphant aviation testing career, this bomber rests today at the south end of Roger Dry Lake at Edwards AFB. Click here for photos of him today


Apollo 10's LEM logo

LM-4, ascending from lunar orbit

Selected by the crew of Apollo 10, "Snoopy" was also the name of the first lunar module to orbit the moon.  According to mission astronaut Tom Stafford, "we thought 'Snoopy' would be perfect for the LEM, since we had selected Snoopy earlier in the year as NASA's overall symbol of we thought by calling it 'Snoopy,' we would thus be honoring all the people who helped build the entire program."  The name LEM (Lunar Excursion Module, was later shorten in name to Lunar Module, or LM) was flown by astronauts Eugene Cernan and Thomas Stafford to within 10 miles of the lunar surface before redocking with its companion craft (appropriately named "Charlie Brown").  After departing from lunar orbit, "Snoopy" was detached and sent into heliocentric orbit (meaning "around the sun") on May 23rd, 1969, where it continues to drift in space to this day, continuing his pursuit of the infamous 'Red Baron'.

LM-4 on factory floor

LM-4 in lunar orbit

"Snoopy" is also the name of the vehicle that we use to lead all of our expeditions.  A '99 Jeep Wrangler 'TJ' (with the 'Sahara' option package), "Snoopy" has been all over the state of California visiting crash sites, taking us to see the landing of the Space Shuttle, and performing research.  

Outfitted in a Garmin Global Positioning System and a customized location & tracking display, "Snoopy" gets us where we want to go, with an attitude of that charismatic cartoon canine (and always in time for supper!).

"Snoopy" is not just a Jeep... but an idea, a vision, and a dream...  The ability to go anywhere and do anything...  Visit remote regions in the high desert, and transverse with six cylinders of speed, air-conditioned comfort, and a sense of limitless adventure, with the plastic bobble head always nodding in agreement.

We love "Snoopy" and he is truly the unsung member of Check-Six.  Without him, wreck chasing would be just another weekend where the car gets uncannily filthy and requires two coats of wax afterwards.  But with "Snoopy", dirt and dust are worn with distinct honor and pride.

In late May of 2003, "Snoopy" was almost damaged beyond repair in an accident while returning from yet another research trip.  Through the patience, persistence, and personal sacrifice (as often demonstrated by the noteworthy mammal), "Snoopy" was able to return to the roads, and continue the long lineage the name "Snoopy" carries with it, now and always... 


Snoopy turns One Hundred...  Thousand...  Miles!

Happily, on January 12th, 2007, at 11:48 A.M. on eastbound Interstate 580 in Livermore, California, and just about a half mile from the Airway Blvd. exit, Snoopy's odometer turned to a historic 100,000.  The theme music from the movie "The Right Stuff" was played in Snoopy's honor to mark the occasion, and he continues to plug along, tearing across the miles with impunity and rigor.  And we salute him for that! Godspeed, "Snoopy"!

So, if you see a white Jeep with a tan hardtop chugging down highway 680, give him a friendly honk.  Because that jeep just very well be "Snoopy"!

"Roads? Where we're going, we don't need roads..."

"Snoopy" in front of the Lincoln Highway Museum in Livermore, CA"Snoopy" parked in front of the USS Hornet (CVS-12) Museum in Alameda
"Snoopy" with the San Francisco skyline in its background"Snoopy" departing on one of the 4x4 trails leading out of the western border of Death Valley

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Our incarnation of "Snoopy" will, in the future, be joined by his little yellow companion, naturally named "Woodstock", just like in the comic strip.  To be equipped with similar GPS and display systems, "Woodstock" will entail a slightly more aggressive and plucky attitude to off-road adventuring (and maybe, just maybe, will be able to take to the skies...).


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One of the secrets in life is having a great mechanic for your car.  Our "Snoopy" would not be on the road today without the help, support, and hard work of our friends at Complete Auto Works in Concord, California.  Our thanks go to Mark and his entire crew!