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Alaskan Crash Site Locator

A Guide To Aircraft Crash Sites In Alaska

Attention – wreckchasers, aviation archaeologists, and WWII era aircraft restorers!


Alaska boasts the highest number of aircraft crash sites of any state and is a virtual untapped resource for those looking for aircraft to recover and restore. Now for the first time available to the public comes a listing of the locations for over 500 crash sites locations in the state of Alaska, the 'Last Frontier'.  Many of these sites have only been viewed from the air, and some still hold secrets waiting to be discovered.  Aircraft crash sites included within the book include B-17 'Flying Fortress', B-29 'Superfortress', B-24 "Liberator", P-80 'Shooting Star', and even the P-39 'Airacobra'.  We started with a list of almost 2000 crash sites and trimmed most of the civilian aircraft from our book, as well as removed wreck sites and the occasionally burned wreck, leaving the bulk of the crash sites being military in natural. We have done some of the homework, leaving you to do the footwork!



Here's part of one of the pages from the locator. See anything you like? 

If you have ever thought of visiting a crash site in Alaska, dreamed of recovering an old aircraft for restoration or are currently restoring an old military airplane – this is a MUST HAVE book!

Now Available - Two Site Locator books for the lower 49 states!

One for the Western U.S. and another for the Eastern U.S.


"Wreckchasing", or "Aviation Archaeology" as some call it, is a growing hobby with it's roots embedded in the farm fields of the United Kingdom.  Now, it has reached people worldwide. Here's your chance to become part of this new hobby.





Alaskan Crash Site Locator

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