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The Wreck Chaser's Bible

 A Guide To Aircraft Crash Sites Throughout the United States

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Propeller Wood of the America
Relic Card

Actual piece of wood from the propeller of the  "America" which was the third plane to fly non-stop from New York to France, just months after Lindbergh and Chamberlin
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The Alaskan Crash Site Locator

For the first time in print, over 500 aircraft crash site location in the heart of America's largest and most remote state


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Garmin GPS Units - The Finest in GPS Technology

The Crash Specimen Collection


Own a piece of history! From early test flights, to the mishaps of famous aviators, pieces of the aircraft that have made history.

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EverCool Bandanas

A Great Way to Beat the Heat - Available in different colors and schemes to suit your needs. 

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Ace's Discount Pilot Shop - Pilot Supplies and Much 
Ace's Discount Pilot Shop - Pilot Supplies and Much More! CLICK HERE!


The Poster Store

Find great posters of just about anything that flies from jets to balloons!


The Book Store

From autographed books to first additions, lots of fine books about flying and great aircraft.


Countdown Creations

Autographed collectibles and flown items spanning the history of manned space flight.  This is the place the hard-core collectors come!


The Space Store

From Mercury to the Moon, to modern manned space flight, The Space Store has all of your NASA needs.


The Sovietski Collection

This once-great online retailer closed its doors in September of 2006, but we still have several great gifts ideas to share to you.



New Family Tree Maker 10.0 Software



eBay has the hard to find item

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