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EverCool Bandanas

EverCool - Stay Cool and in Style!

EverCool Bandana

Proudly Made in the USA

Don't be tempted by the AC anymore!

Now you can keep the top down and still keep your cool even on the hottest day.  We use these all the time on those hot Mojave afternoons.

The EverCool Bandana keeps you cool where is counts most. On your neck and head. Special polymer beads are sewn into the bandana and are designed to absorb water and expand to hundreds (and we mean HUNDREDS) of times their original size. The cooling process is a combination of the special polymer beads retaining the coolness of the water and natural evaporation. Just soak it once and it is will keep you cool all days (Actually - we tested it just to see how long a good soak really would last and it was still keeping us cool three days later.)

To activate the EverCool™ Bandana:  Soak in cool water for 20-30 minutes.  Special polymer beads absorb water and expand to hundreds of times their original size.  The EverCool™ Bandana can stay hydrated for several days.  If coolness starts to decrease turn the EverCool™ Bandana over or re-soak it in cool water.  For extra coolness in the hottest of weather, place the EverCool™ Bandana in the refrigerator.


Available in the following colors 

Green Camouflage

Stars & Stripes

Key Benefits

  • Real relief from the heat
  • Uses clean water available almost anywhere 
  • Great for any outdoor fun - fishing, biking, hiking, etc.
  • Advanced technology that really works!
  • No odor and no mess.
  • One size fits all
  • Reusable hundreds of times.
  • Available in lots of colors

Installation Information

  • Soak in cool water for 20-30 minutes.
  • Wrap around your neck
  • Now - cool down....
Washing Instructions:  Do NOT machine wash.  Hand wash in sink with Woolite™, rinsing quickly, and hang dry.  (Cleaners with chlorine may damage the special polymer beads.)  Do NOT store the EverCool™ Bandana in any closed container, as mildew will occur. 
WARNINGS:  NOT FOR USE BY INFANTS OR SMALL CHILDREN.  DO NOT PLACE IN YOUR MOUTH OR CHEW ON BANDANA.  Do not place the bandana in the freezer, as this may damage or destroy the polymer beads.  Do not let the EverCool™ Bandana come into contact with gasoline, diesel fuel, alcohol or salt water as this will destroy the special polymer beads and eliminate their effectiveness.





EverCool Bandana - Green Camouflage



(for up to 4)


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EverCool Bandana - Stars & Stripes



(for up to 4)


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